trails, watches, and lacings

A wonderfully cool breezy sunny day for a relaxing 9 mile recovery run over park trails a day after a good race. The body was sore from yesterday’s 10k and from having to do some heavy lifting for a few hours this morning at work. Still the run felt smooth over welcoming trails.

A couple of things are at work, I think, recently to help me get better. I’ve been running more on trails and without a watch. More than anything, those two changes have helped me get back to basics; to what I remember doing and enjoying in high school and college. I seldom wore a watch while running in high school and college; it was all about the experience. And trail running kept me on my toes – sometimes literally – and kept me from getting into a rut or lazy with my running form.

The other thing is, I’ve been training pretty steadily this whole year even when racing wasn’t going well, and knew eventually it would pay off. And I think it will pay off for the rest of the season, even if not in every race.

Finally I changed the lacings on my training shoes so that it didn’t come up so close to the top of my feet. I push off my toes significantly and so have had to adjust the laces accordingly in the past to let me do this freely; and it was the case with these shoes. Just this small change made all the difference today.


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