(first mile, 3rd spot at this point)

So I jumped into Western New York’s Susan G. Komen 5k on Saturday with a need for progress, without any expectations.  First of all, let me say I had a lot of fun, especially the post race party.

The race itself went pretty well.  Finished 2nd overall in 16:55.  Lagging behind last year’s time at this point in the season, but with the training having been inconsistent so far this year, the time was encouraging and a big progress.  Prepared well, warmed up appropriately, and raced smart.

The winner was a local 14 year old running prodigy who signed up at the last minute.  I saw the shortish kid taking off at the start and thought he’d come back into the fold like they normally do, but he hung in and took it all the way for the win.  A strong run, he has a bright future in running.

As for me, the near future looks bright; very much encouraged by today’s effort and result.

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