daily inventions

I have realized for some time I didn’t come into this world to be a horse, or an ox.  Only animals live to eat.  To escape the above accusation, I invent jobs for myself day and night.  I risk my daily bread for an idea, I turn the proverb round and say: ‘Better to be a lean moorhen on a pond than a fat sparrow in a cage.’ – Zorba

Zorba the Greek is one of my favorite books, discovered in high school.  Every so often I like to revisit my favorites from then and re-discover those things that woke me up to life; and so I leafed through the novel again today.

Out on an afternoon 10 miler through the park and down Delaware Ave, decided that running is an act of daily ‘invention,’ revealing the meaning of a seemingly mundane physical activity.  I think this is the main difference between those who latch onto running and those who don’t: those who continued were able to see the meaning around the basic movements of arms and legs.


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