gaining confidence


A great club track workout tonight with the Saturday morning run guys.  These young guys are getting pretty good – there were 4 of us tonight – and it was a challenge keeping up with them…it can only do me good for future racing.

The workout was a ‘pyramid’ or ‘ladder’, whichever you prefer: 200m (35 sec), 400m (75 sec), 600m (1:53), 800m (2:30), 800m (2:32), 600m (1:54), 400m (72 sec), 200m (33 sec)…all with a 200 meter slow jog rest.

The short rest between the reps was what made it hurt and productive.  It hurt by the second 600 meters, the quads and shoulders aching badly.  Really happy about negative splits on the 400 meters and 200 meters, though  The relatively breezy evening and relief from the humidity helped a lot.  Couldn’t have had such a good workout in yesterday’s humidity.

The bottom line: I feel like I’m starting to get into racing form, getting stronger and, more importantly, gaining confidence in my speed and anaerobic fitness.

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