what is the sound of a runner running


The 6th of 12 miles through the park on a windy 30 degree/20’s windchill day, light snow and frozen showers, with random thoughts, then saw a bald dude running on the far side of the loop wearing what appeared to be tan running gear on black shorts, and as he came closer, saw that he was actually running only in his shorts and a pair of earbuds connected to his iPod, as we passed, we flashed the runners’ hand wave to each other, and it was time to play ‘fill that caption’: he was a) some sort of American Buddhist doing an extreme Zen exercise as would occur in the wintry hills of Japan or Korea b) an alien just dropped off on earth, trying to find a home c) a student rushing a frat, but it’s a little late in the year for that d) a runner finally having lost it with this year’s weather.  Didn’t get a chance to talk to him, he ran once around the 2 mile loop, I ran it a couple of more times and ran back home.


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