against the wind

The warm weather remained for another half day, still near 70, though cloudy with 40 mph wind gusts, ran out to the park at lunch time to get in a hard workout:

5 x 3 minutes at 5 minute mile effort/ 2 minute rest jog in between, continuously for about 23 minutes, twice around a hilly 1.8 mile loop.  Struggling against the wind gusts which seemed to be against me for most of the run. Warmed up to the park and cooled down back home.

10 miles altogether, the 3.5 miles back home entirely against the wind, a good metaphor for these first 3 ½ months of training.  The past week was wonderful, though, allowing for some blissful runs of 12, 12, and 14 milers each of the past three days plus today’s hard workout.

Now for some disturbing news, some might want to avert their eyes: the temps here to go down to the 30’s tonight, an inch or two of snow tomorrow, then temps down to the 20’s Tuesday overnight.  Hell, why not go all the way to July, wouldn’t mind seeing this cold stuff when the heat and humidity are clawing at our legs in the last mile of a brutal sultry race.


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