monday, monday…


Fits and starts, fits and starts have been the theme of this past month’s running, between the weather, a lingering cold, and minor injuries.  While the training has been fairly consistent and solid over this past harsh winter, the new running season doesn’t have a solid feel. Yesterday’s sub-par race was more of the same, my mind only tangentially in it and the legs flat, unresponsive.  It was as if the legs were feeling the mental toll of this past winter’s training.

Then today, feeling flat still, overcast outside, in the lower 50’s but with cold light rain.  With near-zero motivation to run, stepped outside, started getting pelted by cold rain drops, and decided to call it a day, have a good meal, and recharge.   Get back out tomorrow with no thought of any upcoming hard workouts and simply have a good run.  The forecasted temps in the 50’s and 60’s of the following week should help get the training (and mind) back on track.


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