some sprints in the afternoon


7 miles through the beautiful tall tree-lined parkway among the old mansions and the grand art museum, this neighborhood’s truly a treasure here in the western New York area.  As part of the run, in the parkway, did some speed work – six nearly all out 200 yard sprints – down little Rumsey Road, a quaint one way side street that I’ve described before.  The first couple of sprints were rough, the body stiff from Tuesday’s intervals, work, and general wear-and-tear.  But from the third to the sixth felt smoother, even powerful.  It helped that I was sprinting slightly downhill, but that’s on purpose, sprinting slightly downhill helps with leg turnover.

Temps were in the low 40’s but felt colder with breeze, supposed to be near 60 tomorrow, then back to the 30’s Saturday.  The weather should be a roller coaster for a while and looks pretty good for Sunday’s 5k, sunny and around 40 by race time.  Not having raced in a month, feel relatively fresh mentally and physically.


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