shorts weather!


First the workout, the usual:

5 x 3 minutes @ 5 minute mile pace/ 2 minute rest jog in between, continuously for about 23 minutes, twice around a hilly 1.8 mile loop.  IN SHORTS!  Working the sore legs hard uphill and using the downhills for leg speed, trying to relax the shoulders.  3 miles to the park and 3 miles home, and it was so nice out that I added on a couple of miles in the park before heading home, so 12 miles total today.

By the time I was cooling down in the park, it had reached 60 degrees and sunny, 60 degrees and sunny!  Something we here in Western NY hadn’t seen since 2013.  So had to get the additional 2 miles in to stay out longer.  Actually felt dehydrated and my legs rubbery in the last couple of miles.  Legs feeling rubbery at the end of a run; there aren’t many things better in life.

Today’s weather is a bit of an April Fools tease, though, as it’s supposed to get back to the normal 40’s the rest of the week.  But Spring ‘14 showed its hand today, and it was a good hand.


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