new babies


These babies came in today, my faves the gt1000, simple, elegant, no more no less than I need.  Just in time for use in the warm up coming up this week and the next few months, will alternate with the current pair for a while. This post NOT brought to you by asics (but I can’t run without them).

Was thinking of getting in an interval session today, but the body asked for one more easy run and to do it tomorrow, so it shall be done. Feeling a bit sore and just getting over an illness, didn’t want to push it and get run down again before Sunday’s 5k.  Should be able to do the intervals tomorrow – in the 60’s and sunny, so possibly in shorts – and some sprints on Thursday, and still have time to recover before Sunday.

Today’s 10 miler felt so nice and relaxed, in the park, in the 40’s, along with dozens of joggers and bicyclists coming out of hibernation.  So pleasant, having given myself the day off from a hard workout – a luxury of not being on a track or a racing team – knowing there’ll be plenty of grueling days in the coming months, including those 80/80’s (80 degree/80% humidity) on the track and on asphalt.

Will try to get to the park a little earlier tomorrow to get the intervals in before it gets crowded.



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