forgot, a race coming up


10 miles through the parkway and the Delaware Park on a windy cloudy late afternoon in the mid 30’s.  Felt okay, but still have this lingering slight lingering cough, though I’m pretty much over this cold, as much as I’m over this wintry weather.  Tomorrow will be in the 20’s, and then it might be clear sailing into the heart of Spring.

Having been dealing with the cold (both in terms of illness and temps), hadn’t thought much about the 5K a week from this Sunday.  It’s the second (the Shamrock Run earlier in the month was the first) of 12 races in the Buffalo News Runner of the Year race series that takes us all the way to November’s Turkey Trot 8K.  In addition to this year’s two peak half marathons, I focus on this series because they provide the best local/regional competition and a good mix of race distances, and so will help me improve the most.

And they’re lots of fun, with the usual faces showing up and the races often becoming reunion parties.  After this bitter Winter, the race series might become one long celebration.


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