nearly back

10 strong miles this morning through the streets of Buffalo and then through Delaware Park, with Dropkick Murphy’s ‘Shipping Off to Boston’ playing in my head.

Great to feel strong as I’ve been fighting off this cold for the past week.  It’s lingering, but today’s run tells me I’m turning the corner on it.  It was cool – in the upper 30’s – and windy especially coming back but didn’t feel any chills like I had earlier in the week.  An illness or an injury can really dampen your psyche, and you start wondering if you’ve ‘lost that loving feeling’ for running.  I’m feeling it today.

Take it easy the rest of today, keep hydrating, and I think I’ll be set up well for the warm up late next week, but only after a few more days of temps in the teens and 20’s – are you kidding me?!

I’m coming back and so is Spring. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to run in shorts and short sleeves again!


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