not always inspirational


In the ‘ebb and flow’ of running, I’ve definitely been in the ebb the past week.  After a good night of sleep, thought today’s 10 miler would be a refresher.  Instead still felt the ‘blahs’, fatigue.  Felt like I did have a cold or something last week, albeit briefly and and partially, and am just getting over it now.

Today’s 30 degree/20 degree WC didn’t help.  The sunny day outside plus my wishful thinking met with cruel reality when I started my run into a brisk northeast wind gust.  I was literally shivering for the first mile, adding to the fatigue and that feeling of getting over an illness.

The run itself – the pace and form – was fine, soreness around the joints having subsided.  These are days to just get the miles in, workman like, without much inspiration or some earth shattering epiphany, but knowing there is a race in a couple of weeks and at least monthly for the rest of the year.  Appreciating these down times, as races will require intensity.


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