friday, sprints, shaking off the aches and pain

Short and sweet, got in 7 miles today [including 6 x 200 meter sprints down a slightly downhill Rumsey Road w/ 200 meter jog rest back up the street]. This quiet one way residential road bordering the park has become my private speed workout venue, with occasional walkers and their dogs watching this crazy runner sprinting past them down the street.

Tired to begin with, but the balmy sunny near 50 degree day got me out for some speed work, mostly to work on form.  Some minor aches all around the body still remained, and a coupe of blisters on the bottom of my left foot were bothersome.  More than 7 miles would have come close to the ‘injury zone’, considering this past week’s mileage and tomorrow’s long run.

With the Saturday morning group, I’m planning to go anywhere from 12 to 19 miles depending on how it feels.  The route will probably have us running into the St. Paddy’s Day parade; will have to lay off the ‘sauce’ if offered.


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