winter ’14’s last hurrah

A mostly sunny day, reaching the mid-40’s, it seemed like everyone who owns  a pair of running shoes were out running or walking in Delaware Park. Spring was definitely in the air,…in the trees, in the facial expressions,…even if it’s going to be interrupted – only interrupted – for a couple of days of a snow storm barreling this way via the Missouri Valley, likely to drop at least a foot of snow in the city.

…Which will be okay because I could use an easy low mileage day tomorrow.  The length and the intensity of runs of the past several days seemed to have caught up with me today.  Fatigued, sore muscles and joints, and mentally ‘out of it’ for much of the 10 mile run through the crowded park.  The right achilles was stiff and even felt a bit of a strain under the right shoulder blade, not sure if it’s something I did in a run or at work.

So the body not so subtly told me it needs some TLC and a little patching up.  I’d like to get out for a relaxing short run tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens with the winter storm.  Not too bothered by it, it looks like Winter ‘14’s last hurrah, something to remember it by.


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