another good one

A killer workout today.  Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do a hard workout after 19 miles on Saturday and last week’s near 70 miles.  The body was still feeling the effects, legs a little heavy.  But today’s Spring-like weather, a windy but sunny balmy 40 degrees, called me out and I couldn’t resist. Last night’s restful sleep helped.  The 3 mile warm up out to the park had some bounce.

In the park, the usual set: 4 x 3 minutes @ 5 minute mile pace/ 2 minute rest jog in between, continuously for about 23 minutes, twice around a hilly 1.8 mile loop.  Working hard uphill, and using the downhills to work on leg speed.

Felt so good, so spent, so productive at the end of the workout.  This was more like a workout I’d do preparing for a marathon, intervals while tired, simulating the last 6 or 7 miles of the race.  The 3 mile cool down back home felt smooth, reminiscent of cool downs back in college.


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