a recovery run for a long run

Is there such a thing as a recovery run for a previous day’s long run?  If so, today’s was mine: 8 ‘easy’ lethargic miles to/in/from the park on a sunny but frigid morning (the weather people threw us a curve, I think, because I don’t remember hearing about any bitterly cold day this weekend…which leads me to reflect on how much I pay attention to the weather channel/website due to being a runner…or is it simply that I’m becoming that old person who constantly keeps abreast of the weather?  Lots of questions today).

Wasn’t very sore this morning, but the legs definitely didn’t have its usual bounce.  Besides the 19 miles, had to go into work for part of the day and do a lot of lifting/moving around dealing with a produce delivery – so the day involved a long run plus ‘strength’ work.  A day fully utilized.

Feeling good and tired, now, after the run, it’ll be a restful day.  Hanging out with my son, Adam, it’ll be a good day.


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