i shouldn’t, but ok, what the hell, i’ve come this far…

Did it again, for the 2nd time in three weeks, ran 19 miles with my training group (well, they ran 15, I did 19).  Swore I wouldn’t do on this run, having chanced an injury the last time.  What happens is that I run out 2 miles to meet the guys, then they/we do 15 miles, and I jog back home 2 miles from the meeting spot.  These 20-something runners are a great company, and its terrific fun running with them, and the good conversation makes the run go by fast.

Being sore from having done 10 miles in each of the last three days, and with a hard workout planned in the next few days, 19 miles probably wasn’t smart.  When I got to mile 17, wasn’t feeling any pain, on a relatively mild day, decided to top it off to 19 by jogging back home (the guys did offer a ride home, I said, ‘what, for 2 miles? No need’).  And so 19 it was.  Definitely took some effort, and should add to the base building.

And it was fun.  On this 30-something degree morning, we ran down Delaware Ave (Buffalo’s gateway of 19th century mansions) and around the waterfront and the marina along frozen Lake Erie, with ice and snow banks engulfing giant rocks and boulders.

I think the past month’s consistent mileage cushioned the potential blow of this morning’s long run.  We have another group run planned for next Saturday.  I’m going to have to put a lid on it…well, we’ll play it by ear…


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