take aways from yesterday’s 8K

Take aways from yesterday’s Shamrock 8K:

  • Took a calculated gamble at start, went out with the second pack around 5:10 for the first mile, a little fast but went with it and paid off (the front pack out under 5 minutes – would have been too fast)
  • Stayed within striking distance of a couple of young runners whom I wouldn’t have been able to be so close to just a couple of years ago; they were within sight the entire way – very encouraging!  I think I can still get faster even as I approach fifty
  • Found another gear – or found a way to get up another gear in the future – for a kick in the final mile
  • This year – and probably all future years – feels like sophomore year: I had a breakthrough last year in these sub-marathon distances, will I continue to PR (for now, see first bullet point)
  • My training group is wonderful, felt like a team, was great to have one another to support during the race

Photo courtesy of Checkers A.C. of Buffalo


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