a green day

Picked up my number and shirt for Saturday’s Shamrock 8k Run.  The registration were manned by a group of no-nonsense Irish American ladies of South Buffalo’s Olde First Ward Neighborhood Center, ‘number? shirt pick up that way.’  They had several thousand numbers and shirts to give out, so they were going to keep this thing in order.  ’I don’t want any nonsense from you,’ I inferred from their gaze, ‘these are the only colors and sizes we have.’  I thought they were cute, these likely non-running old Irish American ladies dealing with freaks coming in with multi-color spandex on.

Continuing on this Irish thread, we’ll be getting a bit of the Luck o’ the Irish tomorrow as the temps are supposed to get up in the 30’s around race time.  It could be shorts time instead of the full winter gear, and allow for a decent run.  We’ll need all the help, as the course looks hilly.  The neighborhood is generally flat, but the course includes several arching traffic bridges.

While the brief warm up will help us runners, it’ll be even more fortuitous for the throng of inebriated green costumed walkers who’ll now have a better chance of finishing before suffering hypothermia…


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