near perfection

Didn’t have time to run until 7 this evening.  A bad move.  With sub-zero WC, darkness outside, felt as if heading into the abyss as I put on layers to head out.  Playing a favorite Nanci Griffith CD, Blue Roses from the Moons, and while gathering inspiration, suddenly hit by an epiphany – decided it was more like entering some extremely cold meditation chamber for an hour long session.  All the media chatter about the weather and the windchill being 10, 20, and even 40 below zero disappeared, and the run would be what it always is: not a chore but something I have to do, not some great feat but rather a necessity.

Once I reached the streets, couldn’t believe how peaceful it was.  With light traffic, the only sound I could hear was my foot striking the layer of snow.  The sky was clear, full of stars shining.  If it was cold, I couldn’t really tell.  The wind was blowing gently on my back.  Striding along the sidewalk, I was still marveling at the peacefulness.  All my best runs and races have had this peace at the center – ‘the eye of the storm.’  Tonight’s was one of those runs that reached near perfection, effortless, as if a master Yogi reaching near-zero heartbeat in a deep meditative state.

The run was going so well that I decided to tack on a 2 mile park loop to make it an 8 miler.  Heading back, now into the west winds, I wondered if my near-nirvana spell would be broken by the windchill.  It did not.  Only the chin felt colder the rest of the way, otherwise it was the same tranquil run the rest of the way, highlighted by star gazing the clear night sky.  So grateful for this run, had to record it immediately


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