not advisable, not prudent, but fun nevertheless

19 miles this morning.  Ran 2 miles to meet the weekly long run guys, 15 miles with the guys through the neighborhoods of Buffalo, 2 miles back home.  The longest continuous run, perhaps, in over a year.  I could have been more prudent and ended the run earlier.  The prior longest run this year was 12 miles.  A dramatic jump, usually not advisable.  But, man, that was nice.

A combination of things got me to do this: the guys in this group, most in their 20’s, are a lot of fun and it’s a great time.  They keep me in my youth.  The sun was out (which had me thinking about the upcoming trip to Florida), the temps in the upper 20’s, the snow melting away, and we found lots of dry pavement.  Using bike lanes, we owned the roads this morning.  The guys live in the burbs’; it was a nice group tour of some of the ‘rough’ parts of Buffalo.

Not quite ready for a marathon, as my legs and feet felt the miles near the end, and probably will feel the effects tomorrow, but damn it was fun to go on a long run.  My mind and body feel pleasantly drained right now, a feeling I haven’t had in a while.  Now off to get some grub to replenish…


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