prepping for saturday’s lockport y-10 miler, finding consistency

A 12 miler through the parkway and around Delaware Park, possibly the best run of the year so far.  And for the first time in a couple of months, it’s two days in a row of 12 miles or more.  Getting back into the swing of running, seeing some consistency, and the strides feeling familiar again. During one stretch, even felt some half-marathon race strides coming back.

Due to a lot of black ice on the sidewalks, had to share the roads with traffic,  Wasn’t fun but better than slipping and falling, which I did this morning while walking, so was doubly careful during the run.

The temps were relatively pleasant, in the mid-20’s, light breeze.  We’re supposed to get 6 – 12” of lake effect snow in the middle of week, with the temps falling again to the low 20’s or teens.  Par for the course this winter.

The temps for this Saturday’s Lockport YMCA 10 Miler, a local favorite, are supposed to be in the mid-20’s.  Ordinarily it would be a tough race day, but this harsh winter has inoculated us against the cold.  This race is known for hosting some wild February western NY weather, but will seem relatively tame this year.  Saying this cautiously, though, as there’s still a week to go, and the race and the weather could still conspire for an unpleasant surprise.


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