getting there

2 days before the race, felt sluggish, flat, out on an easy 6 miler through snow-packed city streets and the parkway in another frigid windy single-digit subzero WC.  This winter is exhausting.  Not sure if it was Tuesday’s workout, work, the deep freeze, or simply nerves before a big race, probably a combination of all of it.  Glad I’m feeling this way today and not Saturday.

Have two days to expel this ‘plaque’ from my muscles, while mentally buckling down.  Not quite there, but getting there, towards mentally locking in.  Relax.  The mile is 1/26th of a marathon, but at moments time seems to slow down the shorter the race distance is so that the mile feels as long as a marathon.  Then just like that, 3/4 of the race is over and you have 2 laps to go.  You dig deep and, using all the learned relaxation techniques possible, try to hold form and utilize whatever oxygen that’s left.  Isn’t Tumblr great, where else can you talk through your race strategy and anxiety so fully.

Will drive over to Ithaca tomorrow, a couple hours drive, with my son Adam, meet up with a few other masters runners from Buffalo, and stay over a couple of nights.  There’s a post-race awards ceremony and banquet Sat nite, so will stay over and come back Sunday.  Besides being there for my race, Adam and I will stick around to watch the college races afterwards.  He runs track and x-country for his high school, and the meet – featuring some top collegiate distance runners, including those from nationally ranked Syracuse and Cornell, and top Div III runners from the SUNY schools – will be a real treat.  It’ll be a nice weekend with my son.


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