lots of gravity and little oxygen

Listened to David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ before heading out this morning for an ‘easy’ recovery 8 miler.  The perfect song for a run through and around a desolate snow covered public golf course in Delaware Park on a grayish white morning mostly filled with silence save for the blowing drifting snow.  Picture Major Tom running on a different planet with more gravity and less oxygen, legs and arms heavy and breathing even heavier.  The effects of yesterday’s tempo run and this morning’s ‘lifting’ at work.

Went in early this morning to receive some last minute produce delivery, ended up ‘tossing’ around 10 lb bags of russet potatoes and pulling around 300 lb pallets of vine ripened tomatoes, and other non-vine ripened produce for several hours.  A full day already.  After the past two day’s of running  and this morning’s ‘workout’, am looking forward to an extra dose of endorphins.

Won’t feel guilty about a relatively easy week this week.  Some sprints tomorrow or Tuesday to keep sharp, taper somewhat (even for the mile), then prepare mentally for the race.


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