tempo run in the snow, dreaming of vacation

Blizzard like conditions once again this morning.  Blowing snow, windchill in the teens.  That clinched it, vacation moved up to mid February, off to Florida, Arizona, or Las Vegas…

But first there’s this small matter of a track invitational next Saturday.  Met up with some running mates at the park; 3 miles to the park then 9 miles with the twenty-something youngsters around Buffalo’s parkway and downtown.  They must have had their Wheaties this morning because they decided to up the pace.  The footing was tough from several inches of snow throughout, so it became a de facto tempo run, even hitting a few miles under 7 minute mile pace.  I was working hard.

Had intended to do an easy one today, but decided, with a week to go, this impromptu tempo run would be good.  Besides the physical benefits, running in a pack like this would help with the mental gamesmanship of the upcoming track race.  With one more hard workout – probably some sprints on Monday or Tuesday – I will have fully prepared this week for the mile.  A good feeling.  And a good feeling knowing there will be a nice warm sunny break waiting for me shortly after that.


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