running to the clash

Heard ‘London Calling‘ just before heading out, and it played in my head throughout the 9 mile run around my neighborhood of Elmwood Ave which I’ve described as ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’s Bedford Falls incarnate at times. Btw, that climactic scene with a jubilant George Bailey running through Bedford Falls is one of the best running scenes in film history.  Today’s run felt like Bedford Falls set to ‘London Calling’, if George Bailey would be running to Joe Strummer’s voice and guitar licks.

Aptly, Buffalo was experiencing a thaw, temps in the high 30’s, all the ice and snow turning to slushy puddles.  Stepped into a couple of those that looked like solid ice in the faint light at dusk.  A ‘meltdown expected’ through the weekend with higher temps and rain expected, then freezing again, presenting some ‘fun’ running conditions on iced roads next week. ‘The ice age is coming…’

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