runners are faster in the snow…

…than cars.  Felt like a superhero running past cars crawling in the foot of snow that’s fallen the past couple of days.  The suburbs just south of us have nearly 5 feet of snow from the past four days of constant deluge.

After after 9 miles yesterday, 7 miles today – but the equivalent effort of 9 normal miles, having to trudge through several inches of snow, sliding around on dirty snow, and hurdling snow banks.  The heart was beating. Ran the usual route around the parkway and the park.  No matter the snow amount, I always find a path to my usual route via shoveled sidewalks, plowed roads, or simply cutting through fresh snow.

I like to think that running in these snowy conditions is Buffalo’s version of altitude training. With the weight of extra layers of gear and the required extra effort in the snow, you’re running “longer” than you actually are.

Could have run longer but have a planned long run tomorrow that includes an interval session at the park.  Still planning on it, but won’t be a normal workout, that’s for sure.


One thought on “runners are faster in the snow…

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