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time to rest


new york city in 7 weeks

Been knocked out the past couple of days, a combination of fatigue and the heat.  The past couple of weeks of training culminating with last Saturday’s half and subsequent workouts in this current heat wave we’re having along with a busy week at work did me in.  The sore throat was a sign I needed to recover a little, and that’s what I’m doing.  Will play it ear the next couple of days in hopes of being ready for Sunday’s XC race.  A good dress rehearsal for taper time.

i’m in

I’m in. Fully committed to London in October. Been on the fence about going this year, but having prepared for it since the beginning of 2020, I’m in. Setting up Covid tests for here and there; got travel insurance in case of quarantine, confirmed all the flight/housing reservations. No turning back.

In that vain, ran a half marathon this morning in Geneseo as a test run for London. The unanticipated hills kicked my ass; felt rusty having not run a Half in 2 years; and the recent move up to the 55-59 age division made its presence felt; but it was mostly successful. Didn’t feel remnants of the knee and hip injuries of the past year; the mileage of the past couple months didn’t kill me. And learned that the shiny new racing shoes I got for London will not do, so will bring my trusty 6 year old Asics Gel Noosa’s to London – this is what a prep run is for…

So I’m in. Feeling healthy and shook off some rust this morning. Fingers crossed now that I pass through the gauntlet and make it to the starting line in Greenwich… and then to the finish line at Buckingham Palace…

doing it


Some progress for London… recently got around to booking flights for October, banking on the US – UK Corridor opening up w/o restrictions by then, or else the last 10 days of taper will take place in a room quarantined. Determined to do this one way or another,… they’re making it interesting…

The training is getting on well in the new heat and humidity…

work in progress


Far from racing shape but building some semblance of a base these days, one day at a time, with 10+ mile days here and there, bits of speed and tempo thrown in once in a while; the ingredients being assembled, looking ahead to start cooking…



Hi friends! Just chillin these days, enjoying the onset of warmth of spring as the world opens up. Content. Running’s coming along with some consistent mileage the past several weeks, and then a strong 10 miler today at tempo pace. Things are looking up.



Hazards of night running. On the asphalt ‘trails,’ didn’t see the mud patch on the sidewalk left from today’s rain and earned a nice scrape. This is good. Been favoring the right leg while recovering from the left knee; with this on the right knee, the stride became balanced. The fall woke me up, and with it, the training for London began tonight.



Been on a steady run of runs lately. Another 8 miler today through the parkway. The warm spring evening requiring just a shirt and shorts allowed me to run undistracted picturing London’s roads in October.

back in


8 strong miles today to the park and back, my favorite route, smooth.  This after yesterday’s rest.  That after 3 weeks of daily running, averaging 8 miles a day, through heat and cold, sun, rain, and snow.  Starting to feel like my old running self, enough to make this post.  Look out.



Hello, I’m still here! And still running. Actually had a consistent week of running the past 6 days, nearly 8 miles each day.  The knee is holding up, though still feeling a bit rusty. Not painful but sore. Rusty, like it were a bicycle that had been sitting in the rain for those 2 months off.

Today was a good 8 mile run to the park on an 80 degree day.  A struggle at times due to this early heat, but solid.

It’s been a struggle, too, posting these days. The running is just getting going and not feeling inspirational enough to describe. But today’s uplifting run in the sun was enough to create one.



A homecoming of sorts today, boldly kicked it up to 8 miles and made it out to Delaware Park, my favorite run destination in these parts, the first time in a couple months. The last time that way the knee had me stop and walk the last three miles back home. A different story today. The knee on the mend let me all the way back home running.  2021 is unfolding and starting to feel like I’m keeping up….