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time to rest


new york city in 7 weeks

Been knocked out the past couple of days, a combination of fatigue and the heat.  The past couple of weeks of training culminating with last Saturday’s half and subsequent workouts in this current heat wave we’re having along with a busy week at work did me in.  The sore throat was a sign I needed to recover a little, and that’s what I’m doing.  Will play it ear the next couple of days in hopes of being ready for Sunday’s XC race.  A good dress rehearsal for taper time.


a ‘grim’sby experience


So, went up to Grimsby, Ontario this morning for the Half, ended up being an ‘eventful’ event, enough so that I described it on our local runners’ site (the content of which is below), still glad I ran it.

Ok, a long post…

Want to preface this by saying I don’t like to complain about a product or event, especially online, and especially about a running event, as I know how much time and effort goes into organizing and directing them.  That being said, I want to describe a less than thrilling experience at this morning’s Grimsby Half Marathon.  I don’t want to shit on the entire event as I’m sure many people there worked hard and had the best intentions, but I experienced three big problems:

Problem #1: I, along with a couple of runners, was sent (or more like not told we were going) the wrong way.  About 4k into the race, I was in the 2nd pack, we were 3rd thru 5th place at that point, about 30 secs off the 2 leaders.  We were never told nor did we see an obvious sign to take a right turn, and missed a small loop we were supposed to do.  We only found out when we saw and heard the lead pair coming up from a side road behind us…

Problem #2: To add insult to injury, the lead marshal on his bicycle actually yells at us for ‘not turning, back there!’  When one of my co-runners tells him that no one told us, this clown says ‘didn’t you see the others turn!’ Um no, because we were ahead of them and we did not see the leaders turn.

So the three of us ended up doubling back, all of us pissed, back to the turn to stay on the course.  One of the guys had GPS and said we added about 600 meters – probably adding at least a couple minutes – onto our run. One of the guys in my pack ended up dropping out a couple miles later because he was so aggravated.  The other runner and I finished, salvaging something.


Problem #3 (the biggest one) was the response from the race director (we assumed she was) to us. The runner who dropped out, he was an experienced elite masters runner, explained (politely, he was Canadian after all) the course issues and how we were sent the wrong way.  Her response was to meekly point out to him that there was a course marker (none of us saw it if there was one).  All we could do was throw our hands up. We weren’t expecting nor asking for a change in race results, just some acknowledgement and a willingness to fix it in the future.


So here’s my rant: the biggest issue for the three of us who were sent the wrong way was not about placings and awards – this isn’t the Olympics or anything – but that the race didn’t provide the basic requirements of a road race: clear marshaling and directions on the course.  And this wasn’t an inexpensive race.  Their response was just what not to do in customer service: not taking any responsibility or acknowledging a mistake.

The event seems to want to reach out to Western NY since it lists in Buffalorunners, this is just some constructive feedback to the organizers.  I like small town races, I support them, but I also expect them to provide an organized race.

Some lessons…

This probably goes without saying, but some recommendations to would-be race directors (or even experienced ones):

  • Encourage all course marshals to give course directions to all runners, even if those directions seem obvious.  Runners are not in a ‘right frame of mind’ during a race, nothing is obvious to them.
  • If your primary thought is that race participants are a nuisance, you shouldn’t be in the road racing business.
  • If as a race director, you’re not a ‘people’ person, then find and designate a ‘people’ person(s) (most likely volunteers) to be the contact for runners before or during the race.

These suggestions probably are obvious to race directors, but weren’t at this morning’s event.

(The results, if you care to know, 3rd overall in 1:23, added 4 miles afterwards running back from the car rental, and 1 mile warm up beforehand…18 miles for the day)

…whew, now I’m going to get some beer…

and coffee…


A little tired today, got in a light run a 4 miles around the neighborhood, getting something to eat now and trying to get to bed early for a likely early morning trip to the Grimsby Half Marathon in Ontario, the race starts at 9, after registration, it’s about an hour drive including border security and tolls, and coffee…

weekend trip


14 miles in the park on a more wintry evening, temps in the upper 20’s after yesterday’s spring-like 50’s.  But it was dry and so the footing was good.  But I was tired, what else is new.  Will take it easy tomorrow because it looks like I’m heading to Ontario Sunday morning for the half marathon, a race to make up for last week’s mishap.  Happy weekend!

it’s on


A 14 miler to the park and back on a warm wet day, temps in the 50’s!  Really felt like spring today, even with the showers.  The late afternoon fog added special effects to dusk.  A wonderful day.

Been thinking about it for a while, since November, after New York left a little bit to be desired, after feeling so good a couple weeks afterwards, so today, on the last possible day, took the plunge and registered for the NYC Marathon.  So it’s on, tentatively…Boston, Chicago, and New York this year.  It’s going be a year of adventure.

valentine’s day


My phone died today, that’s how the day started.  It was an old and cheap phone, and was about to go any time, but I’ve had it for a long time, and lost some good pics with it.  The rest of the day was hectic at work.  Didn’t have much juice when I got home, wasn’t sure how much I was able to run, mustered enough energy to gut out a 12 miler to the park and back, the icy roads made sure to slow the pace.  Now heading out for a much needed anticipated dinner, Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

leaning north


14 miles to the park and back late afternoon, the weather gave us a break with temps near 30 degrees and dry ground to allow for normal strides, including a couple of miles under 7 minute miles.  That pace was great as well as the freedom of running on dry solid ground, but, man, I was tired when I finished.  A string of 14 milers hit me hard tonight.  Going to pass out immediately after dinner.  In the meantime, really leaning towards Canada for the Half this Sunday, the forecast says temps in the 30’s, maybe 40’s – allegedly – on Sunday, and if so, will be resorting to Canada for warmer weather.

better late…


Didn’t get out for a run til after dinnertime, but managed a 14 miler to the park and back in the dark.  Felt good, yesterday’s rest day helped.  Still, don’t think I’ll feel fully rested until tapering, or even until after the marathon.  Now having a late dinner while posting this…better late than never, right?