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time to rest


new york city in 7 weeks

Been knocked out the past couple of days, a combination of fatigue and the heat.  The past couple of weeks of training culminating with last Saturday’s half and subsequent workouts in this current heat wave we’re having along with a busy week at work did me in.  The sore throat was a sign I needed to recover a little, and that’s what I’m doing.  Will play it ear the next couple of days in hopes of being ready for Sunday’s XC race.  A good dress rehearsal for taper time.


12 miles after work


All the way up to 12 miles in the park today, the most I’ve done in weeks, maybe months.  A tired run, though, effects from yesterday’s hard run and work today – had to go into the store to help out with new produce shipments from the islands, lots of plantains and malangas to receive and merchandise.  Heavy suckers.

warming up


A hard run tonight of another 2 miler at about 5:30/mile pace in the park book-ended with a couple of 200 yard sprints, the strides lean and mean were heating up along with the weather – we’re about to hit the 40’s/50’sF this weekend. Feeling good, and with a chance to get in another workout early next week before next Saturday’s Shamrock Run, decided on the workout tonight.  Cooled down home the remainder of the 8 miles.

many roads


Like yesterday, 8 miles of recovery tonight to the art museum and back.  Along with my tumblr posts, my running has become more consistent lately.  Been looking at the abundance of local races to run this year, unlike the past couple years when I’ve been focusing on a few marathons with shorter races sprinkled in between mainly for training purposes.  Training for marathons can feel like being a hermit; this year feels like I’m back in civilization.

super moon


Glad I ran the hard workout tonight instead of yesterday, had more energy and bounce to my stride, under the gigantic ‘super snow moon’ glowing along the loop on which I was running the hard 2 miles at 5:30/ mile pace.  8 miles total for the day.

under the moon


Not feeling up to it this afternoon, and rather than being a slave to the training schedule, moved the hard run to tomorrow.  Instead, went for an easy 8 miler to the park and back over snow covered roads. It was cold and windy again, the big full moon visible already at dusk.  In need of a trip to some place warm.

upward trend


10 miles each of the past 2 days, yesterday’s run a bear courtesy of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) from Thursday’s hard run.  Today’s evening 8 miler felt better, slightly tired but much less muscle soreness. Looking to do another hard run tomorrow or Tuesday, playing by ear by how recovered I am feeling.  Trying to continue this upward fitness trend for some near future events, starting with the Shamrock Run 8k, the area’s first big road race of the season.

feeling good


10 miles of recovery in the park on a windy evening, the leftover slush from the storms of the past couple days having turned to sidewalk ice sheets.  Some careful strides and steps got me through an otherwise relaxing run. As I said, a nice recovery from yesterday’s hard 2 mile run – somewhere around 5:30 mile pace.  These winter workouts are getting gradually more frequent and intense. Feeling good.