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time to rest


new york city in 7 weeks

Been knocked out the past couple of days, a combination of fatigue and the heat.  The past couple of weeks of training culminating with last Saturday’s half and subsequent workouts in this current heat wave we’re having along with a busy week at work did me in.  The sore throat was a sign I needed to recover a little, and that’s what I’m doing.  Will play it ear the next couple of days in hopes of being ready for Sunday’s XC race.  A good dress rehearsal for taper time.


2nd steps


second steps back

3 miles slowly around the neighborhood, the legs felt significantly better than during yesterday’s 2 miler, today’s run was more like a run than a hobble.  3 miles was the perfect distance, felt great afterwards during the short walk back home in the light rain. Nothing like a bad race, whether a marathon or a mile, to get you motivated for the next one, and the hunger was still there.  The next big race is the Buffalo Half Marathon on Memorial Day weekend, they were nice enough to give me a free entry again this year, run some good races there, don’t how much longer they’ll give me free entry, will take advantage of it while I can…might do a test run at a smaller race beforehand if the legs are up to it.  Man, It feels great to run again!

first steps


Back to work today after (a nice) vacation, also took the first steps/strides for a very short run since Boston a week ago.  Only after a week off can you feel where you had the most effect from a marathon, the calves were still painfully tight (I think I know why) and the blisters on the ankles and top of feet, while scabbed, still hurt.  Could only go about 2 miles of light jog, that was enough. Will do some kind of a recap of the marathon – though much of it is literally a blur from the wind and the rain and my delirium – later in the week. Glad to be back on my feet.

return home


recovery week

Finally dry and warm, enjoyed the post-marathon recovery spending time in NYC visiting my son. Taking a couple more days off from running, then will be back at it…with Chicago and New York up next.

feeling warmer and blessed

Having eaten and cleaned up and now warm, feeling whole again. So glad that marathon run is over. Just wasn’t going to be my day. Happy to finish (2:59, 22nd 50-54 AG) and not drop out as I nearly did from near hypothermia…Still, feel blessed to have been a part of such an incredible event and be with great friends here in Boston. And thanks to everyone for all your well wishes!!



taper ~ marathon week

5 miles easy around the neighborhood after work.  Warmer and breezier today while breaking in the racing flats – they feel good.  One more run tomorrow before catching the evening flight to Boston, probably the last run before Monday.  The weather forecast remains the same for the race, rain and windy, getting worse as the days progresses, a storm for New England all its own, a marathon special.

old clothes


taper ~ marathon week

Took off from running yesterday to give the body some more recovery, slept well, and went for an easy 6 miler around the neighborhood, continuing to break in the racing shoes and simulating the race weather a bit.  It was windy today and got hit with some cross winds part of the run, like the probable cross winds during Monday’s marathon. Started packing, fly to Boston Friday night to stay with Kevin and Mariani over the long weekend, and Kevin, a masters competitor himself, has old clothes I’ll be able to wear as ‘throw aways’ at the start which is supposed to be cold and wet.  I like to pack light.  The weather decided to be a factor this year.