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time to rest


new york city in 7 weeks

Been knocked out the past couple of days, a combination of fatigue and the heat.  The past couple of weeks of training culminating with last Saturday’s half and subsequent workouts in this current heat wave we’re having along with a busy week at work did me in.  The sore throat was a sign I needed to recover a little, and that’s what I’m doing.  Will play it ear the next couple of days in hopes of being ready for Sunday’s XC race.  A good dress rehearsal for taper time.


c’est la vie


A solid 12 miler in the park, smooth sailing in the recovery run for yesterday’s race except for the slight soreness in the right hip.  This injury from 3 months ago is proving to be stubborn. It’s pretty much recovered, but occasionally rears its ugly head. Let’s just hope it simply goes away soon.  Such is the life of a runner, right?

good signs


A ‘quarter marathon’ road race this morning a couple of towns over from Buffalo.  Done this race a number of times, never run well. Feels too much like an informal training run.  It’s organized by a small running club, the course mostly in a town park, nearly no one around except for the course marshalls, and a relatively small number of runners, most of whom are friends.  2nd place in a time of 39:twenty-something. It’s always fun, though, since, like I said, most if not all are friends, the post race party with good food and beer. The encouraging thing was the hip injury has much improved, with only some soreness during the race; and the first 4 miles were under 6 minute/mile pace while running alone in ‘no man’s land’ – all signs point to getting back in racing shape.



Rest day for the legs, a ‘quarter-marathon’ road race in the morning.

Now it’s officially official. Completed the race registration today. Will check back periodically with updates during this journey to London 2020…



8 miles yesterday while there was a break in the all day rain, recovery run from Tuesday’s tempo.  Got back late, so went to bed late, tired in the morning.

Today, got back from a busy day at work tired, a nap then a 10 miler in the dark to the park and back.  

Steady miles these days, staying in shape.  A quarter marathon road race this Saturday… prepping for a half marathon in Syracuse in November.   Looking ahead to London in spring.

tired tempo


Tired after first day back at the store after a fun eventful weekend, able to get in a planned hard workout after an afternoon nap.  10 miles on a cool autumn evening that included a 3 mile tempo run along with some sprints. The run felt surprisingly good…which often means a sore day after.  I might be getting back into racing shape just in time for Saturday’s test race.

more than fine


A fun trip to New York the past few days, too busy to post.  Able to get in good runs, still, and the mileage was:

10 miles Friday 

8 miles around Manhattan Saturday afternoon

6 miles in the morning in Manhattan, then 4 afternoon miles with my son in Brooklyn on Sunday

10 miles back home in Buffalo today.

The weekend in New York was a reunion with my 2 best friends from high school.  We’d not been very good about staying in touch. It was a wonderful get-together on many levels, sharing stories, laughs, and lessons from over the nearly 20 years since we last got together as a group.  A weekend like this is life changing and it was, reacquainting ourselves with ourselves and each other and each’s own original hopes and fears… and new hopes and fears. In the end, it turns out we turned out fine, more than fine.